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¿Qué son los trabajos e ingresos? (What Are Jobs and Earnings?)

¿Qué son los trabajos e ingresos? (What Are Jobs and Earnings?)

Having a job and earning money are a part of everyday life for most people, especially adults. The concept seems fairly straightforward: one works to earn. This volume discerns the difference between a job and a career, as well as how a job can develop into a career. Readers will learn why a community?s economy needs jobs, how paying someone to do a job helps the person who is paying them, and even about job loss and its consequences. The text also explains different jobs and their effects on the economy, such as those of professional, production, arts, and government and military jobs.

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Unidad 4: Delicious food

Curso: 3° básico

Asignatura: Inglés (Propuesta)

Tipo: Libros BDE

Fuente: Biblioteca Digital Escolar

Autor: Marcia Amidon Lusted

Palabras claves: Empleo y desempleo / Consumo (Economía) / economía / Libros en inglés / Disponible para uso simultáneo

ISBN: 9781508102557

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