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IN08 OA 16

Demostrar conocimiento y uso del lenguaje en sus textos escritos por medio de las siguientes funciones: Expresar cantidades, contar y enumerar; por ejemplo: there are a lot of people; all the/several people; she is the first/third; two hundred and fifty. Expresar gustos, preferencias y opiniones; por ejemplo: I love/enjoy/hate/ don't mind playing the piano; I'd/would like...I know...; I find... Comparar; por ejemplo: he is taller than Tom; this supermarket is the best/ most expensive in the city. Solicitar y dar información sobre tiempo; por ejemplo: When is the party? On Saturday, at 10:00 o'clock/tomorrow/next week/year; in December. Expresar intenciones, planes futuros y predicciones; por ejemplo: I'm going to Easter Island next week; she's arriving tomorrow morning; Man will land on Mars in the year 2500/in the future. Identificar y describir objetos, lugares y personas; por ejemplo: it's a big brown building; they are French; the man in...; the woman with...; the location/ accommodation/destination was great. Expresar tiempo, y dirección; por ejemplo: on Monday; in December; at 5 o'clock, into the bank; out of the store; from the supermarket; to school. Expresarse con claridad, usando palabras y expresiones de uso común, sinónimos y palabras compuestas; por ejemplo: I like/love swimming; arrive at the station; look at; get on/off the bus; let's...; go on holidays; download. Señalar frecuencia y secuencia de acciones; por ejemplo: I never/always/ sometimes visit the country; first..., next..., then... Unir ideas; por ejemplo: he came and then we watched the film; it was far so we took the bus; I'll wait until Monday; the library is the best in town. It also has... Expresar condiciones; por ejemplo: If you cook, I'll help you.