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Viruses: molecular hijackers

Most of us know about viruses, and that they spread disease. But what is a virus exactly? Is it alive? How does it infect a host? There's a lot to discuss here! Take a look. To support this channel and keep up on STEM news at the same time, click on the link below and subscribe to this FREE newsletter: Subscribe: [email protected] Biology Tutorials: Biochemistry Tutorials: General Chemistry Tutorials: Organic Chemistry Tutorials: Classical Physics Tutorials: Modern Physics Tutorials: Mathematics Tutorials: American History Tutorials:

Comparar, usando modelos, microorganismos como virus, bacterias y hongos, en relación con: Características estructurales (tamaño, forma y estructuras). Características comunes de los seres vivos (alimentación, reproducción, respiración, etc.). Efectos sobre la salud humana (positivos y negativos).

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