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Immune System: Innate and adaptive immunity explained

The immune system (or immunity) can be divided into two types - innate and adaptive immunity. This video has an immune system animation. The innate immune system consists of defenses against infection that are activated instantly as a pathogen attacks. Adaptive immunity (or acquired immunity) is a subsystem of the immune system that contains highly specialised systemic cells and processes that kill pathogens and prevent their growth in the body. Innate vs adaptive immunity: it’s important to realize that innate and adaptive immunity are different. Their differences are explained in the video in layman terms. Our immune system is a fascinating entity, that functions in quite a unique and efficient manner. Comprising of various types of cells, it is prepared for any kind of breach in the fortress of our body, and is equipped to fight off a staggering number of intruders. In this video, we give you a brief overview of the immune system, and the basic types of cells involved, along with the function they carry out. Each cell if the immune system carries out various roles, depending on the kind of threat the body is facing. However, they have certain basic roles which have been explained here. References SUBSCRIBE to get more such science videos! Follow us on Twitter! Follow us on Facebook! Follow our Website!

Desarrollar modelos que expliquen las barreras defensivas (primaria, secundaria y terciaria) del cuerpo humano, considerando:

  • Agentes patógenos como escherichia coli y el virus de la gripe.
  • Uso de vacunas contra infecciones comunes (influenza y meningitis, entre otras).
  • Alteraciones en sus respuestas como en las alergias, las enfermedades autoinmunes y los rechazos a trasplantes de órganos.

Unidad 3 - Biología: Microorganismos y barreras defensivas del cuerpo humano

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Curso: 7° básico

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