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Why Do We Have Different Seasons? | California Academy of Sciences

Did you know that the Sun’s light shines differently on Earth at different times of the year? In this visualization watch as the Earth orbits the Sun, rotating, like a slightly tilted, spinning top. This rotation changes the angle at which sunlight hits the surface of our planet, creating the different seasons we experience here on Earth. Can you see how sunlight at different times of the year changes the productivity of life on land and in our oceans? Data Sources: Phytoplankton Bloom Imagery: NASA Modis, Land Productivity Data: NASA Modis Land Science Team, NASA Earth Observatory Team, Imagery: Reto Stockli. Ocean Productivity Data: Michael Behrenfeld, Professor Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, Oregon State University, Earth Imagery: NASA Visible Earth. Video Credit: California Academy of Sciences Visualization Studio For classroom activities, visit - - - The California Academy of Sciences is the only place in the world with an aquarium, planetarium, natural history museum, and four-story rainforest all under one roof. Visit us online to learn more and to get tickets: Connect with us! • Like us on Facebook: • Follow us on Twitter: • Add us on Google+:

Crear modelos que expliquen los fenómenos astronómicos del sistema solar relacionados con: Los movimientos del sistema Tierra-Luna y los fenómenos de luz y sombra, como las fases lunares y los eclipses. Los movimientos de la Tierra respecto del Sol y sus consecuencias, como las estaciones climáticas. La comparación de los distintos planetas con la Tierra en cuanto a su distancia al Sol, su tamaño, su período orbital, su atmósfera y otros.

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Asignatura: Ciencias Naturales

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