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How to fossilize...yourself - Phoebe A. Cohen

View full lesson: You can aspire to great things in life, but how about in death? Could you be one of the world's greatest fossils many years from now? To ensure being found by a future paleontologist, you'll need to die in a highly specific way (think within tree sap or on the bottom of the ocean floor), and nature takes care of the rest. Phoebe A. Cohen details the steps your body must take to find future fame as a fossil. Lesson by Phoebe A. Cohen, animation by Anton Bogaty.

Explicar, basándose en evidencias, que los fósiles:

  • Se forman a partir de restos de animales y plantas.
  • Se forman en rocas sedimentarias.
  • Se ubican de acuerdo a su antigüedad en los estratos de la Tierra.

Tipo: Imágenes y multimedia / Videos

Curso: 1° Medio

Asignatura: Ciencias Naturales

Fuente o Colección: Youtube: CURRICULUM MINEDUC

Modalidad: Educación General

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